Sunday, May 17, 2009

17th May 2008.
Shortly we will be able to post our new order form for the forthcoming release of our new suburban sets. At present we have prepared 20 set options and once these are confirmed we are able to post the order form on this site.

The 20 set combinations have been chosen from the following cars;
  1. Bradfield Power car,
  2. Tulloch Double Deck Trailer car,
  3. Clyde Standard power car - modified from our previous standard car,
  4. Re-vamped Standard trailer car - new glazing plus new end,
  5. Standard driver trailer car,
  6. 1940's Tulloch power car,
  7. 1950's Tulloch power car,
  8. Tulloch trailer car,
  9. Parcel Van.

This is an exciting project and I look forward to posting our order form.

Delivery is expected later this year for some of these sets.


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