Thursday, January 29, 2009

This could be the last opportunity to purchase these cars.

Included in the shipment of Tulloch cars was a small batch of our fine Standard cars. Some notes on this shipment;

Upgrades to Power car:-

  • Extra marker light on lower offside.
  • Windscreen wiper,
  • Air Lead,
  • Roof thorugh box,
  • Roof wiring,
  • Painted hand rails and other painted features.

Not upgraded were the window glazings.

Upgrades to the Trailer car:-

  • Painted handrails and other painted features.

These cars can be purchased via a two car set of a Standard motorised power car and a Tulloch trailer car or a four car set comprising; a Standard motorised power car, a Standard dummy power car, a Standard trailer car and a Tulloch trailer car.




At 6:50 am, Blogger bronzpark said...

Is there anywhere we can buy model double-deck suburban cars too (Goninan, Comeng etc)? I've looked and have been unable to find them anywhere.

At 10:56 pm, Blogger Robert said...

Hi Bronzpark, Bergs will be producing the Tulloch double deck carriages in late 2010. There are other models which were produced by three other groups which included the early Comeng carriages, K sets and Tangaras. They are no longer made, but do occasionally pop up in store. These models however were all sold either as plastic or resin body kits.


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