Wednesday, September 19, 2007


In conjunction with the forthcoming release of the Tulloch cars and Parcel Vans, we hope to have the above spare parts available for sale.


Must be a good story!

Started in issue number 1 - Vol 1 (1963) and still reading in October 2007 issue [266] number 5 Vol 23.

Photo of George Berg now nearing 93 years - founder of Berg's Hobbies.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The above 7mm MRC Refrigeration car is in 7mm and assembled from a O-Aust kit with additional parts from Keiran Ryan's brass etches. Contact Berg's Hobbies for details.


R.J.Models proudly introduce the AEC 50hp QGR Railmotor (Red Fred) and Trailer car in a pewter kit.
Available in On30, On2 , On3 and S ( S scale- Sn31/2)
The price for Red Fred is $450.00, while the price for the trailer is $215.00


Friday, September 14, 2007

"First shots" of the Modified Standard Parcel Van in HO scale Ready to run.

Pantograph and bogies still to be added plus minor alterations.


The new NSWR 2AN bogie in HO scale from Berg's Hobbies.

This new 2AN bogie can be used under our HUB cars or N -cars.

Each pair of bogies can be built in two versions plus a choice of three bearings.


"First Shots" of the Tulloch Trailer car in HO scale RTR.

Underfloor details to be added along with the MR bogie sideframes.

Couplers are NEM with Bachmann knuckle couplers included in the set.


Update of the Tulloch Project-14th September 2007.

"First shots" of the Tulloch Power car in HO scale RTR.

Still to be added are the underfloor details and pantograph.

Couplers shown are the NEM, however, Bachmann knuckle couplers will be included in the set.

Further, there are a number of alterations still to be performed on the model before we receive the "second shots".


Friday, September 07, 2007

Latest update on the Tulloch and Parcel Van project.

This week we received the first test shots of all three cars; Tulloch power car, Tulloch trailer car and Parcel van.

The new underfloor detailed parts together with the new H-type bogie look very impressive; unfortunately,our new MR trailer sample bogie has not arrived as at this time.

The manufacturer has most certainly captured the essence of all three cars and we look forward to receiving the final test shots soon. Once approved we can order the production to go ahead.

Advanced sales have been extremely good and with the first advertisement of the project to appear in the October issue of the AMRM, we are anticipating good demands.