Tuesday, September 25, 2012


What to expect from Berg's Hobbies.

  O scale: Two versions of the Bergs/Haskell/O-Aust Kits 44 class; 1960s and 1970s versions. O-Aust Kits Full range of products.

Lineside Structures; A sample of the A3 Gable roof station. A sample of Berg's corrugated Iron as used on a Bicycle Shed. Samples of our Corrugated Iron.

  U Sets: Samples of the Minimodels U Set {U Boat}; Power car with Single Headlight, Power car with the twin Headlights and the Trailer car.

  Passenger HO scale Sets: There will be 15 sets of passenger sets selected from L, R, N and H car styles; including coloured sets from Green/Cream, Red/Cream, Blood and Custard, Tuscan and Russet, Deep Indian Ed and Indian Red. A MUST TO SEE.

Sydney Suburban Sets: Our full range of Suburban sets and Parcel Vans.

Stanton S-CAB radio Control system: Demonstrations of this unique radio control DCC system by it's inventor Mr. Neil Stanton. On display will be samples of the track powered and On-Board battery powered systems.

Shinohara Track Systems:

Specials: includes Books, DVD's and the Bachmann Outback Hauler Set,

Back in Stock: Minimodels MLV's


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