Saturday, June 12, 2010

This photo illustrates the difference between the 1940's Tulloch power car to a 1950's Tulloch power car where the guard's door replaced the window in the 1950s version.



At 2:23 am, Blogger Hendo said...

It would be really good if the HO Minimodels could also be brought out as an N Scale series. All of he research has been done, The CAD and CAM would need some simplyfying to reduce complexity and unnecessary detail. But with sufficient large produciton runs it would see an excelent way to bring more people into the hobby, as so many that may be interested only ever see the suburban EMU's, yet without Berg's Minimodels we don't see them. An N scale equivelent say Berg's Mini-N-Models using Kato Unitrack or Tomix track and both of their prepaid buildings may well have great market in the denser population areas.

I do know that Bergs commissioned a manufacturer a few years ago to do resin kits who proved unreliable, so how about injection mouolded on a Tomix, Kato or Graham Farish chassis?


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